Develando los determinantes de la desigualdad del ingreso en Chile: Estudio empírico regional

Michelle Stephanie Mieres Brevis


Revealing the determinants of income inequality in Chile: A regional empirical study

The study aims to answer which are the determinants of income inequality in Chile, from a regional perspective. The empirical analysis (1990-2016) shows that in Chile the relationship between the GDP per capita and the Gini does not have the traditional form of the inverted Kuznets U, but rather, the behavior is the inverse, same observed in countries such as United States and the United Kingdom. It is revealed that, initial values of income; the economic activity of the region; the concentration of indigenous population and human capital are important and robust determinants of income inequality in Chile.


Desigualdad; desigualdad del ingreso; crecimiento económico; desarrollo económico

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