Invirtiendo en Entrenamiento General: El Programa de Formación Dual

  • Felipe Balmaceda Universidad Alberto Hurtado
  • Maria Paola Sevilla Buitron Universidad de Chile


In the Human Capital Theory developed by Becker (1964) firms have no incentives to provide general training unless workers are willing to finance it. In this paper, we argued that under certain conditions (either asymmetric information or strategic complementarity between general and specific training) firms are willing to pay for general training. Using data from the Chilean apprenticeship program, which consists on a joint educational program between schools and productive firms under which students spend a fraction of their time in the firms and a fraction on formal education, we cannot reject the hypothesis that firms pay for general training.

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Felipe Balmaceda, Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Programa de Postgrado en Economía, ILADES/Georgetown University. Universidad Alberto Hurtado
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Balmaceda, F., & Sevilla Buitron, M. P. (1). Invirtiendo en Entrenamiento General: El Programa de Formación Dual. Economic Analysis Review, 16(2), 137-153. Retrieved from