Testing for an Environmental Kuznets Curve in Latin-American Countries

  • Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso Universitat Jaume I
  • Aurelia Bengochea-Morancho Universitat Jaume I


This paper presents empirical estimates of Environmental Kuznets Curves for a panel of Latin-American countries over the period 1975-1998. It uses a new econometric technique that allows for more flexible assumptions in a panel data framework with a large time dimension. Unlike most previous studies we test for slope heterogeneity of the income coefficient in the search of a common empirical relation between carbon dioxide emissions and income. Our results point to the existence of some heterogeneity among countries, but with specific patterns for those sharing certain characteristics.
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Martínez-ZarzosoI., & Bengochea-Morancho, A. (1). Testing for an Environmental Kuznets Curve in Latin-American Countries. Economic Analysis Review, 18(1), 3-26. Retrieved from https://www.rae-ear.org/index.php/rae/article/view/22