Universal Child Allowance and School Delay of Children In Argentina*

  • Vanesa Valeria D’Elia Chimera Research Group
  • Ana Ines Navarro
Keywords: Universal Child Allowance, poverty-alleviation program, schooling gap, Argentina


This paper empirically explores the effect of the Universal Child Allowance –a conditional Cash Transfer Program recently launched in Argentina– on backwardness in school. Specifically, we evaluate whether children enrolled in the program closed their education gap, differentiating between children and adolescents.

Using propensity score as a prelude to the estimation of regression, we found preliminary evidence that the government subsidy affects primary and secondary students differently. The results are robust to different uses of the different samples and comparison samples observation.

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Valeria D’Elia, V., & Ines Navarro, A. (2013). Universal Child Allowance and School Delay of Children In Argentina*. Economic Analysis Review, 28(2), 63-90. Retrieved from https://www.rae-ear.org/index.php/rae/article/view/384