Tecnologías de Control de Emisiones y Disponibilidad de Gas Natural Como Opciones para Reducir Emisiones de Mp2,5 en el Concepción Metropolitano

Cristian Mardones, Claudio Paredes, Jorge Jimenez, Oscar Farias, Pablo Catalan


Current air pollution episodes from fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the Concepcion Metropolitan Area generate a necessity to assess alternatives to reduce these emissions under different regulatory schemes. The study shows that for greater availability of natural gas at low prices, fuel substitution would be an attractive alternative for the industrial facilities. In particular, for those industrial facilities using fuel oil, fuel substitution for natural gas may occur even without regulatory requirements due to cost savings. For those equipment that use biomass as an energy source, fuel substitution may occur depending on fuel prices and regulatory requirements, while boilers that uses coal are likely to implement an emission control technology.


Cost-effectiveness, PM2.5, technological change

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