Un modelo microeconométrico para el análisis de integraciones empresariales: el caso del mercado de bebidas isotónicas

Jacobo Campo Robledo, Juan Pablo Herrera Saavedra, Aura García Pabón, Dennis Sánchez Navarro


This document presents an analysis of the effect of mergers on competition and prices, in the framework of a merger between two representative isotonic drinks producers. In particular, between Brand 3 and Brand 4. Given the descriptive analysis and the econometric excercise presented, it is possible to conclude that there is no evidence of a possible exploitative effect in the market as no price-increasing pressures were found as a result of the merger. This documents constitutes a relevant microeconometric tool to be used for the analysis of mergers in Colombia.


integración empresarial; competencia; efecto explotativo; modelo logit.

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