Inversión en educación en México: Rendimientos y riesgo

Nadyra Rodriguez Arias, Julia Hirsch, Humberto Banda Ortiz


Schooling investment in Mexico: Returns and risk

To determine the convenience of investing in more years of education after graduating from high school, the aim is to analyze a scenario under uncertainty as well as the household valuation of risk given the US subprime bubble. By using real option value and expected utility the main results are: 1) The optimal choice is to invest in more years of education immediately after graduating from high school; 2) The expected utility of investing is higher for risk-averse households and 3) No important differences were found in the observed periods, except with the reduction in wages between 2009 and 2013.


rendimientos de inversión en educación; valoración por opciones reales; decisión bajo incertidumbre

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