Impacto Económico de la Política de Acuerdos de Cielos Abiertos en Chile

Marcelo J. Villena, Rodrigo Harrison, Mauricio G. Villena


In 1979, the “Ley de Aviación Comercial” (Commercial Aviation Act) was passed in Chile. Its main goal was to improve the air transport by means of “Open Sky Policies”, competence (freedom of prices) and a progressive lesser intervention of the official authority. Since then an international air policy is applied under the frame of “Open Skyes with Reciprocity”. This article evaluates economically the impact of the Chilean liberalization policy in this market during the last years. Specifically, we evaluated the impacts of the Agreements on Open Skyes that Chile has reached with the most important countries in terms of air traffic. Besides that, a comparison is made with other countries in the region with lower levels of economic openness.

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