Opportunities to upgrade the scientific disciplines space

  • Néstor Gandelman Universidad ORT Uruguay
  • Osiris J. Parcero Kazakh-British Technical University
  • Flavia Roldán Universidad ORT Uruguay
Keywords: Revealed Comparative Advantage, Revealed Proximity, Scientific Production


Research resources in a given scientific domain may spill over into other close scientific disciplines, thereby improving performance. Using bibliometric data from the SCImago database drawn from a sample of 174 countries, we implement a measure of proximity-based on revealed comparative advantage (RCA) as a specialization or activity index. Our estimates show that proximity between disciplines positively and significantly related to the publication growth rate.
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Gandelman, N., Parcero, O. J., & Roldán, F. (2022). Opportunities to upgrade the scientific disciplines space. Economic Analysis Review, 37(2), 49-67. Retrieved from https://www.rae-ear.org/index.php/rae/article/view/911