Encadenamientos y Similitudes Estructurales para las Regiones de Chile

  • Sergio Soza-Amigo Universidad de Magallanes
Keywords: Structural analysis, sensibility analysis, important coefficients,


Many authors stress the importance of relationships between sectors for the economic growth. Therefore the concept of linkage appears in the definition of two of the most traditional concepts in the input-output analysis: the “key sector” and cluster. In this paper, key products and activities are identified for the Chilean regions, the clusters that form and the structural similarity that exists between them. For this, we use a combination of so-called Important Coefficients and Fields of Influence. The results indicate that the regions that are most similar are: Tarapacá and Antofagasta, Biobío and Los Lagos. Besides the “developed” regions concept that is associated with a high division of labor and coordination between sectors, they have similar production structures and are very different from those that have “less development”.
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